Childs own space at ex's house?

My son is a 3rd grader and told me for about 6 months he has had to sleep with his father in his fathers bed when he goes for visitation. Apparently the room that my son’s twin
bed is in is also my ex’s computer room and my son said he can’t get into his own bed b/c my ex has a bunch of his own personal stuff on my son’s bed (workout clothes, guitar etc). He also said the light doesn’t work in the bedroom.

Is there anything I can do about this. What is family courts expectations of a childs own space? It’s obvious my ex uses this room for his own personal space and my son doesn’t feel this is his space or that he can even sleep in there . A 3rd grader shouldn’t be sleeping in the same bed with a parent every time he visits.

A judge would not expect that a child should sleep in the same bed as his or her parent. Do you have an order or agreement on child custody? If you have a court order I would file for a modification of custody, you can cite that your child has no suitable sleeping arrangements as the reason for modification. If you have no order or agreement in place, you can file for child custody and make sure the sleeping arrangement issue is addressed at your hearing.