Civil contempt

You may have to seek out an alternate type of financing, such as a secondary lender, or a credit union. Another option may be to trade the vehicle in on a new one (or used one)as most dealerships have numerous financing sources. You may end up paying a little more, but his name will be off the car, and may not cost you anything out of pocket. Banks are typically more stringent when it comes to financing issues than other sources.

Dear Duke Gal:

Greetings. You may have to return the car and get another one if you cannot refinance. Look into that as an option (using the car as a trade in, etc.). Also, try through someone other than a bank or credit union.

Bottom line though is that if you tried and you cannot succeed, then you will need to bring proof that no one will allow you to refinance to court. The court cannot find you in contempt unless they find that you are willfully violating the order. Apply around and see what you can do with other lenders. Good luck.

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My soon to be ex-husband and I separated last year on March 1. When we finally got the separation papers filed…I was ordered to get his name off of the vehicle that I kept. Well the only way to do it of course is to refinance…but since he left me without warning and nothing in savings…my credit score went down…I did try to get it refinanced but was denied by the bank due to my credit score.I DO MAKE THE PAYMENTS they are automatically drafted out of my checking account each month…NEVER BEEN LATE ON THOSE… NOW he is wanting to file a motion for contempt…MY QUESTION…What will the judge be able to do since the bank won’t refinance for me? HELP is greatly appreciated…I have always been a law abiding citizen and don’t want my reputation tarnished.