Complaint for Absolute Divorce Form

I am using the Do-It-Youself Divorce package that is provided on your website to complete all the necessary forms for a divorce. The complaint for absolute divorce form that is provided by the link in the package is different then the sample provided in the package. There are more statements (eg. SSN# of the plaintiff and defendant) on the sample. Items 6-10 on the sample are not found on the actual form that comes up using the link provided. Do I need to type in the missing statements, that are in the sample complaint, into the actual complaint form?

Also on the bottom of the complain form it says “Representing Self” and “Address” below that. Does the plaintiff sign their name beside the “representing self” section and then just put their address? Do they need to print their name anywhere on the form?

The form in the divorce guide is correct. It was recently decided that social security numbers should not be included in the complaint and we are in the process of updating all of our forms and reference guides accordingly.

As for your name, you are correct, you only need to write it in below the signature line with your address as well as on the verification page where you sign in front of a notary. Your name should also be listed at the top of the first page as the plaintiff.