Confused on what to do; long read


i meant we got seperated may 2005… sorry…


Get a lawyer and file for custody and charge for PAS using the evidence you have gathered. Show the courts you are the better parent and you may have a good chance of getting custody. It may require Psychic Evals which can be costly if the judge will order them at your request.



What is PAS?



I left marriage of 9 years, well, she actually moved out but I initiated the separation. (may 2006) While separated, I started dating, she got jealous and started to call me and harass me, calling me names, calling her(my friend)names, making my kids (8 and 6 at the time) leave profane message s on my vmail at work, home and cell etc etc. I finally could not take the bs and filed for a 50-b. I got the 50-b and she signed it in court, but then I found out I was charged falsely with stalking (the day after she got serverd the civil summons for the 50-b). I was arrested, booked, incarcerated for 1 day and released on bail. Turns out I was arrested the DAY AFTER the DA dropped the charges for some reason, that they won’t tell me. Anyhow, she withheld my kids for 3 months after that, and finally I saw them in janurary 2006. She started up again with the harassment/abuse and finally, not able to take it anymore, I filed a 50-b violation. I have recordings that are awesome showing how wacko she is. I filed this complaint april 2006. Her court date was end of July and she was to undergo child saftey classes and an anger mgmt assessment/class and report back to court in janurary 2007. Well, things have been ok, but now the divorce is final and she is wacko again. She recently has been calling me and my friend names again (profane), attempting to hit my vehicle with her vehicle while the kids were in my car (after a swap)and today, she left a few sarcastic messages on my voicemail referring to my friend in a bad manner and also, the one time i spoke with her on the phone, she called me a profane name a few times. Anyhow, I decided to go see the magistrate tonight which i did. he, after I explained things, reluctantly filled out a criminal summons and threw it at me like i was scum. TShe will be served soon and I am fearful she will counter-charge me with something ridiculous. What can I do? Do I have grounds to go after full custody of the kids? I fear she is poisoning them against me and everybody else. my kids love being with me it seems, we hike, do fun things, and she just throws them in the room to watch there own tv’s and play grand theft auto (at 9 and 7 years old!!!). She blows the child support i send her, over $1000 a month, and she has been evicted from her apartment, and is behind on a bunch of her bills… What can I do?? I need help and guidance… I want my kids…