I am a very Confused marine wife!
My Husband and I have been married for only 4 months, and things have gone horribly wrong, obviously very quickly.
I have a few questions…
1- I have heard that being a marine wife I am suppose to get some kind of free or discounted legal service. I am not sure if anyone would know about that.
2- My husband has been having an affair and admits to it. I think this qualifies me for alimony, but does the short duration of our marriage rule me out for it (alimony)? Also, if I qualify for alimony do I get alimony when we separate or after the divorce is finalized?
3- We receive Basic Housing Allowance from the Marine Corps, when we separate, am I entailed to half of this?
4- My husband gets rather scary with his mood swings and angry outbursts. If I ask him to move out, does this look bad on my part?

Thank you so much, I have no idea where to turn right now!


I have also heard that the military will assist you with representation; however you will have to speak to someone in the Marine Corp to ascertain what types of services are offered and how you go about using them.
Normally adultery is a factor that guarantees alimony for a dependant spouse, however since your marriage only lasted four months, you will have a hard time demonstrating that you are actually and substantially dependant on your husband financially. Proving dependency is a necessary element of any alimony claim, regardless of whether or not there has been any adultery.
Alimony is awarded after equitable distribution has been determined. Post separation support (a kind of temporary alimony) can be awarded as soon as the parties separate.
I do not know what the military requires with respect to the housing allowance, you will need to speak to someone in the Corp to determine what you are entitled to under military law.
Asking your husband to move out will certainly not look bad. You need to ensure that you are safe, and I recommend you do ask him to move out.


Well, he was a different person before we got married and assured me that our housing allowance and his pay was enough for he and I to live on for me to move out of my mothers house and move in with him down here.
I am a full time student and not able to pay for the lifestyle we live now (we are legally bound to) by myself. I obviously did not except he would turn into the man he is now and I would have to try and pay for this all on my own.
Would the fact that I am a full time student and stuck in a lease I can not pay be proof enough?

Thanks again.


The military does require a supporting spouse to pay a certain amount of money to their spouse after separation, but I do not know how much, or for how long the support is paid. You will need to talk to the CO about this to determine your rights under military law.
As for alimony according to NC law, I do not believe you have a case based on the length of the marriage alone.


Check out the following site at “www dot nclamp dot gov” Replace ‘dot’ with dots…