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I’m not 100% sure of the legal side of the Marines (I was married to one myself so I feel for you) But I will tell you this. Find out who is Commanding Officer is, and if you can not get a hold of him, do a directory search for someone in marital affairs. Describe the situation to one of these people. The military might not give a crap about the spouses, but they will not let a child suffer due to the negligance of a father. They will provide you some kind of assistance that they feel is necessary, and will later deduct it from his earnings, whether he likes it or not. Try that route. It can’t hurt. I know of a few friends that did that and it worked out for them very well. Then again, different bases and different people, no telling what could happen.

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If you earn less than your spouse you will most likely be entitled to alimony and you do not need to wait until the year’s separation to ask a court to grant you alimony. If you have children together, the north carolina child support guidelines will determine the proper amount of support regardless of military status.

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Thank you for the replies. Things have gotten worse, I went to his LT and thought he was trying to help BOTH of us but that was an act. In front of the LT he said he would not touch the bank account or pay until the kids and I had a place to live(lease is up next month) well today he went and took me off the bank account and opened a new one for himself and said as of Feb 1 if I need money to ask him.
I know both can get in trouble because he is living with the LT and he is jr enlisted. but to keep going after me and the kids like this. He is going to base legal,I am going to a civillian lawyer. My appt is not until the 12th I just hope he does not file taxes before I can do something because I dont know how to get a place for me and the kids.

I will try to make this short. I have been married to a Marine for over 10 years,he just returned from his third middle east deployment in 3 years. On Nov 26 he went “home” because his mom was in a coma, while there out of the blue after telling me how much he loved and missed me, he left me a voice message saying he wanted a divorce.
He came home on Dec 10, and made up crazy reasons for wanting it,then I found out there is a woman in the picture.He went back Dec 19 to “be there for his mom” I found out he spent the night with “friends” and he has gotten very hostile, and mean.
In Oct. we both got new cars and I am the primary on the loans,the day before he went to his parents we got a consolidation loan, again I am the primary.
Now I make just under $1000. a month and he makes about $3000. He says because he is military all he has to give me is $400 a month during the seperation,no aliony or other support and if I want more I have to waite until divorce court. Is this true? Our lease is up March 1 and I need to find a place for me and the kids but there is no way I can do this on $1400 a month.
Any advise or suggestions are appreciated.