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My ex and I have one child together, who has lived with me full time for nearly two years. We made a new custody agreement which was filed in court now for more than one year, and I have primary custody. Our child has lived with me for more than 300 overnights per year for the past two years, and I have not paid child support of any kind to my ex for over a year.

I had originally thought the custody order would override the original custody AND support order as they were originally combined. As it turns out, I am still receiving statements from the state about my account for child support, though the state has said there will be no enforcement from them in this matter. I spoke with an attorney, but can not afford the retainer to have this support order terminated. The attorney said since my ex and I were in agreement as to there being no money owed to either party, we could both sign a consent order and file a motion to modify- terminating the old support order.

There are no issues between my ex-wife and I. As with the custody order, we agreed that we do not want to involve attorneys and have to appear in court in the normal, confrontational way. I just want this order stopped, and my ex has agreed to sign a consent to stop it.

Is there a simple consent order format, and how can I get one to fill out for this purpose. I understand it will have to be signed by both of us before a witness and notarized.

Thank you!


It should be an easy process to draft a consent order and submit it to the judge if you are both in agreement. You should look into using our Rosen Online service for help with obtaining a form order for your use and for answering your drafting questions as you complete it.


As Kathleen said, I know you’d find Rosen Online useful for your goals.

You can find more information about it here:

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