Constant text message while separating - harassment?

I am currently attempting to become separated but my husband is not pleased with my decision. I get approximately 100 texts per day of him telling me I’m ruining the family, ruining the kids lives, devastating us financially, asking me to change my mind, telling me he won’t agree to this, sending me links about the damage of divorce on children, on and on and on. I am pretty good about not responding but of course it’s hard. I have asked him not to send me these messages. He said “no”. I work full time (so does he though I don’t see how with all of his texting) and these constant texts have me on edge most of the day. It’s very distracting at work. My legal question is - does this constitute harassment? And my general question is has anyone been through this and how do I get it to stop?

Harassment is one of the grounds you an plead in seeking a Domestic Violence Order of Protection. We provide plenty of information about how to obtain a DVPO on ourDomestic Violence Center.

But is what he’s doing actually harassment? What constitutes harassment? I don’t know weather to react to it or not.

Ultimately it is up to the judge to decide if the excessive texting rises to the level of harassment. You can always block his number from your phone as well.

My ex was doing the same and i blocked him. It wasnt recommended by my lawyer at the time but honestly at the end of the day its worth the sanity. you cant not look at the messages when they pop up so I limited what he could do and its really helped me move on. He can call me from a landline or email me to a separate email address that i check once a week. I will not allow him to abuse the cell phone therefor i limited it. its only until all is settled.