My husband’s name is on the cell phone bill - due to my indiscretion he has put the family locator on the phone and watches my every move, then phones me to verify my location. Example I was at a middle school football game, the locator said I was .9 miles away from school in a residential area, he called me and asked me to prove I was actually at the football game. He calls me during work on my cell phone 34-38 times a day - I can’t answer since I am working - and texts me about the same amount. He now wants to put video cameras on our house so he can view the comings and goings of people on the internet when he is at work or on business trips. I have asked him to stop and asked for him to transfer my cell phone into my own account - he refuses and says I have to live with it until he can trust me since we are trying to work it out. When I go to the bathroom he wants to check to see if I am carrying my phone with me. He has access to my email account and checks it daily. He also wants access to my work email but I can’t it is against policy, so I have to open it infront of him to include emails if he doesn’t know the name of the people. When does this behavior cross the line to harassment? If I tell him to stop or don’t do what he asks then he throws the if you didn’t do what you did then I wouldn’t have to do this - and if I don’t let him then he says he is filing the separation. I feel I don’t have a choice. What is the right legal thing to do?

The law will not interfere with an “intact marriage” unless there is physical abuse. If you wish to separate from him you may leave the residence or file an action for what is called “divorce from bed and board” to have him removed from the home.