Contempt Charge

I have been in the system for many years and during one of the many court dates, the judge appointed a advocate for our children. Part of the order required I pay them $2,000. During a period of 2 years, the advocate did nothing to assist or monitor the case/children. They ignorned the children by not returning calls, never contacted teachers or day care workers and advised me after DSS reports they had no obligation to their safety. I have the conversation clearly recorded. They requested to be removed as soon as they case concluded and I was awarded full custody. I had a remaining balance of $1,100, which I told them I would not pay because they never lived up to their responsibility. They have filed a contempt motion. Do I have a defense by arguing they never performed? Do I need to file a motion or response before the court date? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

You need not file a response prior to the court date, but may do so if you wish. If the judge ordered you to pay a sum certain, without qualification he or she may not consider your defense.