Contempt of court

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I had a court appearance in 1998 for child support in South Carolina, and during the hearing my ex-wife brought up the issue of a sears bill that she opened in my name without my consent while we were married. I was a authorized user. I used the card and paid the bill. I admitted in court that it as my responsibility. The judge did not include this bill as child support. A few months later I had to file Chapter 7 and the sears bill was discharged along with all my other bills including her attorney fees. A year later another court hearing was held, the ex-wife claimed that she did not know about the discharge, which is bogus, she was listed and she received the notice from the Bankruptcy court in NC. I retained a lawyer in NC and he informed me not to go to the court hearing because the debt was discharged by the Federal Bankruptcy court. The judge in SC found that I was in contempt of court for the sears bill. I filed to end child support, and the received notice child support will end in Oct 03. Now that my daughter is in college under a full scholarship I received a summons to appear for this contempt of court and to try and make me pay for my daughters education which is free.
My questions are;
Should I go to court in SC for this contempt of court hearing, ( I don’t have the money for a lawyer)?
If I do go to court, can my defense for not showing up for the hearing is that the lawyer advise me not to do so. I do have it in writing from the lawyer.
If I don’t go, will I have to continue to pay child support, although I have a order that terminates child support in Oct, and what could happen.
Also, this is the 4th time I have been summoned to Sc in the last 4 years. How can I stop my ex and her attorney from harassing me with all of these false accusations.