The Divorce Decree was in Maryland, but it has been domesticated in NC by the other party. She was hoping to have a couple sections changed but as it turns out the courts in NC can only enforce its provisions. Basically she, in my eyes, is in contempt in at least three sections of the divorce.

  1. It states that if she lives in Boone, NC then I am to travel to Boone, NC to see the kids. If she moves from Boone, NC then she is to bare the expense for me to see the kids or the kids to see me.

Well she moved out of Boone, NC in Summer 2008 and I’ve attempted to ask for money or for her to bring the kids to me. She at least decided to bring them half way so I have met her half way reluctantly to say the least. But she still never has paid for my expenses to get to the halfway point. Now she has moved to Vilas, NC 6.5 hours away and refuses to meet half way.

  1. It states that each parent is to foster a positive relationship and not to harm the other parents character etc…

She has sent texts to my daughter indicating to go “play house with your fake Mommy and Daddy,” that she “can’t compete with me and my whores” totally manipulating my daughter. She also has a blog and posts on facebook which my daughter has access to and has posted on both bashing me, with comments like “Why test on animals when there are ex-husbands.” The other example is I have the kids every other weekend and she calls twice a day and my son and daughter have both cried or been really upset because their mom says that she is sick, she misses them so much, she doesn’t feel good, their half brother really misses them etc… I mean the other 12 days a week I call every day and it is very upbeat, I love you, how was school, have a great time etc…

She lived in Carteret County, NC and she has just moved to Vilas, NC within the last month. I’d like to file in Carteret County if possible. I was under the impression that I could file in Carteret County up to six months after she has moved.

Thanks for the help.


If none of the parties reside in that county, then you should not file there. It sounds like you have a good case for contempt.