Credit card bills

I recently pulled my credit report and found that my ex opened up store credit cards in my name and has been using them since we have been divorced. She hasn’t paid on time, and still has a large balance. She even had the bills sent to NJ after she moved. Also, I carried insurance on our son (as of last year she has him on her ins) but there are several medical bills on my credit report for my son that she hasn’t paid / split w/ me.
What can I do about the credit card bills and medical bills?

You need to report the credit cards as fraudulent accounts and you may want to pursue a civil action against her for fraud.

As for the medical bills for your son, the proper course of action will depend on whether the requirement these bills are split are in outlined in an Agreement, in which case the proper course of action is an action for breach, if it is outlined in a court order, the proper course of action is to file a motion to have her held in contempt.

It appears that I failed to close one of the joint cards after the divorce, how can I make her pay for the debt considering it is her, it was mailed to her address and the statement is for womens clothing etc.? What can I do since this was a joint account?

You may file a civil action to recoup the loss.