Criminal Charges Expunged?

My ex’s new wife accused me of harassing phone calls and communicating threats some months back. When I traveled back to NC at Christmas, I went to the magistrate and had the papers served on me.

I hried a criminal attorney in Charlotte and I had a hearing a week ago. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but the charges were dismissed after my attorney had a chat with the DA, presenting the facts of my case.

Anyway, I called the attorney’s office the attorney’s assistant told me that the charges would appear on any background checks unless I had them expunged. They would handle the expungement, but it would be another $500.00.

This is all new to me. My past two companies, including current, require background checks. Will dismissed charges show on my background check? If so, will it hurt me and do I really need to pay $500 for expungement?

I do not practice in the area of criminal law but I would expect that the charges would show on any background check unless and until they are expunged. You should consult the attorney who handled this matter to ensure you are fully protected.