Custody issues over unborn baby

My niece went through something similar to this not too long ago. They were never married so basically, he has no chance of getting full or sole custody of this child. He would have rights since he is the father, but unless your friend is a danger to herself or the child, there’s no judge that is going to take a new born away from a mother. He can get joint custody, and she needs to think about that. She needs to work with him on the visitations, because he needs to be part of his child’s life, if he WANTS to be part of it. Just because he may be a lousy boyfriend does not mean that he couldn’t be a good father.
Make sure she files for child support even if that means him taking a paternity test. But to answer your question, no, he can’t get “sole” custody, for that he would have to prove that he can support and create a better life for the child than she can and that’s not likely to be the case with a newborn.
If he’s doing all this to scare her into trying to come back to him, he’s got the wrong reasons for even trying for custody and his lawyer should let him know that those reasons would come out in court.

I have a friend who was supposed to be getting married to a guy in September, found out she was pregnant back in may, she’s been really excited about it the whole time. Found out in July that he’s been cheating on her with multiple women (the internet does not keep your secrets). She called off the wedding, kicked him out of the apartment. She has a full time, steady job, moved in with her parents when her lease expired, pays her bills ontime…really respsonsible and really excited about being a mom. Her ex at first wanted nothing to do with her and the baby, and now that she’s coming close to her due date he all of sudden is telling her that when the baby is born he is going to sue her for full custody and take the baby away from her. Meanwhile this guy is the biggest loser, yeah he has a steady job, but he doens’t know how to take care of himself, he was always borrowing money from her, telling her she was worthless, etc. Does he stand a chance of getting custody of this baby? what does she need to do to prepare for this?