Custody Mediation & ED Mediator Q

My wife have attended 2 custody mediation sessions and have a 3rd scheduled for next week. Her attorney is saying that this is no going well since it is taking 3 sessions and suggests we go to court to resolve. I am being optimistic and patient and believe we are making progress each session. Actually, I think we can come to final agreement on vacation/holidays within 1 hour next session. Do you think we should continue mediation?

I am the defendant, and waiting on a response proposal from all the disclosures I provided to her and her attorney. I have not received a response and want ED to move forward via mediation. Can I go ahead and initiate scheduling a session with a mediator and notify my wife and her attorney of time and date? Does her attorney need to be present at mediation? I am comfortable negotiating ED with my wife and do not think attorney’s will be necessary, as we have very few assets to resolve (home, 2 cars, retirement, investments and debt) Can you recommend an ED mediator in the Raleigh area? Does Rosen provide this type of service?

Muchas Gracias Senorita,

I am always in favor or working towards an agreement, and would suggest you move forward with the next scheduled session. If the mediator has not declared and impasse, there is still room to negotiate.

As for ED, you need to set and initial pre-trial conference, mediation will be scheduled there.

We do not offer services as mediator at this time. Please contact our client liaison at 919-787-6668, ext 100 for a referral.