Custody mediation?


What you agree on during court-ordered custody “mediation” – is that considered permanent? What happens later in court if it is determined that adultery has been committed? Can the custody be modified?

And I was told that mediation does not involve child support issues. If my husband and I agree on “joint” custody (alternating weeks) during mediation, would there be any child support to pay by either of us (if the child stays with each parent equally)?


The mediation is set up so that the parties may attempt to reach a resolution of custody issues and visitation. Adultery is not normally considered as a factor in custody cases, unless the paramour is a danger to the children.

The amount of child support will depend on your respective incomes, the schedule is a factor as well, but normally there is some support whether or not weeks are alternated. There is a child support calculator on this website which you may use to get an estimate of support in your particular case.