Is it hard in the state of nc for a registered sex offender to get custody of there child during a divorce?..

It depends on the nature of the offense, and the circumstances surrounding the same.

okay well the girl was 14 he was 20 or 21 cant remember so I am trying to figure out if I have anything worry about as far as him getting custody of our daughter because he dont deserve her

It really depends on when the incident occurred, what happened, and the present circumstances.

Well I am not sure of everything that happened because he lies so much… but in my opinion I dont trust him around our daughter thats why she lives with me all the time and he never sees her what is the best way to win custody of a child?

To be awarded custody you must prove that the child’s best interest are served if they are placed in your care.

what all would i need for court would you happen to know that because he supposedly has several witnesses to back him up on everything.

Custody cases are very involved and you will need to show the history of your relationship with the child, information relating to the child’s life, progress and happiness, there is no specific list.

I would advise you to meet with an attorney to discuss the specifics of your case and create a plan of action.

okay well right now all he does is pay child support