Hi Amy
I am no lawyer but I can tell you in the state of NC you are still married and this is a crime and also you can only have sex with your soon to be ex. Just like me I am wanting to date and do things but if I do and get cought I can loose to much like the word money[:D] from my very soon to be ex-wife and to tell you I can not wait for this to end I want to start over and meet the right woman that I can give her and she can give me[:)].
I hope this helped you out a little I am very sure that Ms. Fritts can give you the right wording she is great and this site is great
Bye for now


Dear had_enough:

Are you receiving alimony? What does your separation agreement say about cohabitation?

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I know that this issue has probably been address in previous posts, but I missed that boat. My soon to be ex and I have just signed the separation papers and I am curious about dating (yes, the ink has dried on the papers). Are there any reprocussions that he could take if he finds out I’m dating someone or is that not an issue (I wanted the separation/divorce)? I’ve been asked out a couple of times and just want to make sure that this is something I don’t have to wait a year to do. What are the rules about sex? Thanks for the help.