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Dear rebecca7573:

Greetings. First, I would advise that you not get involved in this situation at all. Your parents are adults and can speak with attorneys and handle their situation, or not handle it, on their own.

Yes, she can go back to court and should do so immediately and stop being passive and holding all of her negative feelings inside. She should never discuss this (or only on a limited basis) with her children either.

Yes, attorneys will go after attorney fees from the other side, but you still have to pay the attorneys first to have them do the work and get the reimbursement from your father. Good luck.

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My mother & father is divorced. My father is not holding up to his end of the divorce agreement. Example: alimony being paid weeks after it is due, taxes on the home my mom gain control of was to be paid by my father and they haven’t and now she might lose the home. My dad, whom I love dearly, got off good because my mom is a good woman. But the stress of this is not good for her health. What can she do? Can she go back to court? Where does she start? If going back to court is the right thing are there attorneys such as this law firm that would go after attorney fees from the defendant?
Thank you