Delay tactics

I separated approx 18 months ago with a signed notarized separation agreement on file. I filed for divorce 12 months after separation. Spouse filed a counter claim that separation agreement was vague in regards to ED. Spouse believes divorce has a ‘stigma’ and has used multiple delay tactics in the 6 months since the filing. Currently, spouse refuses to negotiate through attorney. Spouse has requested judicial conference but in over a month spouse and spouse’s attorney will not return calls or emails from my attorney. I would rather not complete the absolute divorce and end up tenants in common with the house. What can I do to require a response so that all can be settled together?

Since you are not getting a response from your spouse’s attorney and you already have a court case going on, you and your attorney may need to try to schedule a court date or obtain a firm date for a settlement conference. Having a deadline, such as a court date, will require the opposing party to respond.

You and your attorney could also develop a settlement offer (encompassing all remaining issues), send it to your spouse’s attorney and request that you hear back by a certain date. This can be an attempt to start negotiations if your court date or settlement conference is still a ways off.