I am having to represent myself throughout our divorce since I cannot afford an attorney. My spouse has an attorney on her side. I have emailed settlement requests to her attorney for all issues. How long do they have to respond to my requests? It seems that they are trying to stall so that I will be so desperate for support of any kind that I will settle for crumbs. If they continue to stall, I will formally file the ED and Post Separation paperwork at the courthouse. I am just trying to see how long I should give them to respond to me before I go through the expense of filing.

The attorney has as long as he/she needs to respond, and does not have to respond at all to an offer of settlement at all. A reasonable time to respond, in my opinion is 5 to 10 business days.

Filing in and of itself is not that expensive. I would file. If they are being unreasonable now, it is likely that they will continue to be. If you file you can still negotiate but will at least have a court date pending and an end in sight.