Directions for Civil Summons form

Can someone tell me where I can look to get directions on how to fill out the civil summons form provided on this website?
I’ve clicked on the “directions” link, but it sends me to the list of clerks of courts…not the directions.

Also, do I have to use certified mail. Can I just give the papers to him myself?
I am nervous about any paperwork my ex my get that will have my current address on it. I DO NOT want him knowing where I live. We work at the same place and he will willingly sign them. Is there any way around this?

The Civil Summons is relatively simple to fill out. You need only fill in the party names and addresses, the clerk will fill out the rest.

As for service, you must serve the Defendant by sheriff or certified mail, you may not deliver the papers yourself or service will be ineffective, unless you prepare an a form with the case caption called an Acceptance of Service, in which your ex signs a paper stating that we waives formal service.