Divorce Hearing

I have been going through the divorce process for two years and the hearing has been scheduled. My husband had a lawyer and I did not. All property has been divided, there is no child support or alimony and the divorce is uncontested. I received a notice of hearing for Absolute Divorce and Motion for Summary Judgment, do I need to be there and if so is there anything I need to bring or do? Also, what do I need to do to make sure I can go back to my maiden name?

Thank you

You should have filed an answer and counterclaim to the divorce complaint in which you request to the able to return to your maiden name. If you did not file such a document, I would recommend that you attend the hearing and request that the judge allow you to resume the use of your maiden name in the divorce decree.

Since I didn’t file an answer, I will attend the hearing as you suggested. Is there anything I need to bring with me? Paperwork the judge will need, etc.? I assume my husband’s lawyer will be present.

I would suggest you bring an answer and counterclaim in which you join in your husband’s claim for relief and seek permission to return to your maiden name.