My fiancé been separated for over nine years and has drawn up papers and the wife refuse to sign them what can we do so that he can get his divorce so we can get married.

He can move forward with absolute divorce, if she fails to respond to the divorce filings within thirty days, he can move forward with scheduling the divorce hearing. She doesn’t need to respond/cooperate in the absolute divorce process. We have a DIY Divorce eBook that discusses the procedure for filing for divorce.

What are my right of being served an absolute divorce…my husband and I have never intends for separation to be permanent n we have resumed marital relationship n we bee. Together this whole time just lived separately due to me not getting along with in-laws n them being in our marriage affair…does my husband have the right to lie about all this…what should I do I’m not trying to stop the divorce if Thts what he wants but I don’t wanna lie eather…I have to respond but don’t know what to do n we was in the process of buy a house a couple days before I got served these papers…what’s my next step

He has to allege in his divorce complaint that you have been separated for one year, you can file an answer contesting the date of separation, but that will only serve to delay the divorce. You can’t do anything to prevent the divorce from being granted if he can prove you have been separated for a year.

Totally agree with you.