Filing absolute divorce


Having read many of your posts I don’t understand why you’d want to postpone the inevitable and why you feel like being divorced would ruin the holidays as you are already separated.


I do not believe you can delay through the holidays. If after 30 days you do not respond, a court hearing will be held with or without you. My ex did nothing to respond to the divorce, The only delay was I had to wait the full 30 days to scedule a hearing. I doubt you’ll be able to drag it out through the new year if he presues it. Which is worse? Being seperated with a looming divorce or having everything taken care of in time for the holidays. A new year and a new beginning all in one. It may not have been the beginning you wanted, but it is new and a chance to live you life for you, fresh and vibrant, ready to show 'em what he tossed aside.


My h filed for absolute divorce on the 17th (exactly one day and one year after separation) I have 30 days to respond, of which I will take. How long then until the divorce is final? I hate for my holidays to be ruined and i would like to postpond it until after the new year. Is that possible??? I know it is inevitable but can I drag it out alittle longer??