Divorced and have been receiving alimony since Aug

My ex husband has been paying alimony for awhile now. He will do anything to stop payments. His newest thing is stating that he has a notarized statement from a minor stating that he had sex with me while we were still married. He wants me to sign an agreement giving up my monthly payments but he is still willing to give me the college lump sums for the next three years. Can you tell me what the legality of such an incidence is and doesn’t he need further proof? He is messing with my reputation with the people I love spreading such harsh rumors just to save his money. I would think that this is just here - say and he would need more solid proof other than someone saying that the did.

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Odd statement that your ex makes. I assume that alimony was awarded by a court and that it terminates in the instance of cohabitation? If so, isolated instances of sex (true or untrue) wouldn’t affect alimony…only moving in and living together as if married would. All in all, though, I think that the onus would be on him to prove it happened and you would be able to demand any such “notarized statement” during discovery to determine if it actually existed…and it would cost him money to take it to court to terminate the alimony…so all in all, it sounds like bullying behavior to me, but then again:


A notarized statement from someone saying you engaged in an affair will not end alimony. I suggest that you ignore him, and perhaps speak to a civil litigation attorney about the possibility of filing a defamation of character/libel action.