Do I Still Need to Be Paying a Lawyer?


Will it ever end?

I have been divorced for 1.5 years. I signed a Court Order in September that delineated who got what. I have signed over the QDRO giving my ex money out of my 401k. I have sent her Quitclaim Deeds for rental property we had. The only thing left to do is sell the marital home and split the proceeds. My ex will not discuss anything with me and I keep having to go through my lawyer to deal with them. I get bills for anywhere between $200 and $500 per month, like clockwork. I really don’t why I need a lawyer but don’t want to get screwed at this point… anymore than I feel I have.

Knowing the above, do you have any recommendations relative to my situation with my lawyer? Should I tell her I no longer need her services and if I do what do you see the ramifications being?

All suggestions will be warmly appreciated!!!


If the case is finished and you only have the logistics left to deal with, you may do so on your own.