The only way you can get any help with the bills is to find a good lawyer who will get this in court immediately, but that is no guarantee. In my case, it was four years before the ex “had” to pay any attorney fees and then the judge awarded fees in the amount I would have received via divisible property. In other words, my fees were paid with my own money. The best thing you can do is find a lawyer who will not rip you off to help you. That’s about all you can do because the Court system is slow and inefficient. Borrow from whomever you can and be cautious about hiring a lawyer unless you have good sources of information. Since your situation is similar to mine (no money), be on guard for someone taking advantage of you–you have no money and can’t get any without a lawyer. They know this, so just be careful.

My husband left me two months ago. Financial issues were one of the issues we had. He is not paying or helping to pay any of the bills right now. This has left me in a huge bind. His parents have lots of money and they are paying for his lawyer. My first question is since he is the one that wants this divorce and I don’t have any money can he be required to pay for my lawyer? Second question, is there anyway he can be made to help with the bills at this point?