Documenting Emotional Abuse


I am married to a man who is controlling and emotionally abusive. I am working on preparations for a divorce and have not told anyone of my plans. One of the steps I’ve been advised to take is to document the abuse. How is the best way to go about doing this? A lot of it is very subtle and after being married to him for 20 years I am just now able to identify much of it for what it is. How do I dicument it in a way that makes it clear to a third party that there is acually abuse going on?

My concern is for my younger children when it comes to visitations with him. He is not physically abusive but his behavior makes me reluctant to leave them with him now, and this will be worse after we are seperated. That is my main goal in documenting his behavior.


I am not a lawyer but I believe you can record it and write in a journal what you have recorded but recordings are not admissable in court.


You may keep a journal of the events, or better yet use a voice recorder, and take pictures of any physical effects of abuse.


I have been married for over 30yrs and my estranged husband was VERY abusive mental and physical what I did was start making a log of time and place of what he did then I finally went to mental health for help and verification that I was abused and so far everything has been documented.
Good luck in your quest to put him under.