I've taken enough!

I feel for you,I suffered emotional abuse from my x wife.now she is mentaly messing with our childrens heads.I wanted to use mental crulety as a reason for leaving my wife.I later found out it was not reconized in nc.If I had lived in another state I had all the evidence I needed.I am not any type of lawyer,But I wish I was.


I’m new here; just signed up today. What about voice recordings, couldn’t you record conversations with him as your own defense? I’m sure that if you warned him that you’d tape what he says that it won’t matter - because I doubt he’ll change his ways - and he’ll give you evidence later.

Just a thought…

Good luck with it all though. How much contact must you keep with him? Too bad you can’t just turn away and say “See ya.”.

THANK YOU!!![:)] EVERCOAT, and NCSOLDIER. I have been divorced 2 years, and the only advice I can give in return, to both of you is…Be VERY agressive from the beginning! If you don’t they will walk all over you, even more so now. I made the mistake of thinking with my heart early in this process. I decided to leave the marriage, because I refused to be treated with disrespect, mental/emotional abuse, and also my suspicion of him having an affair. I adopted his daughter when we married, and raised her for 12 years. He made it clear after we married he didn’t want anymore kids, and I was also concerned about how my daughter would feel if I was to have a child, so we decided against it.
When I met him, he had a child, bad credit, and had recently gotten clean from using drugs. (Boy, am I a glutten for punishment!) ANYWAY, after 12 years of marriage, working a full-time job,raising a child, buying a house (because he couldn’t), fixing his credit, and then the normal everyday activities that pop up, I left my home, knowing my (then 15 yr old)daughter would be staying with her dad. I was really hoping I could have a relationship with my daughter, but the last few years opened my eyes. She began to treat me like he did, and I couldn’t get him to see it…(why should he? he didn’t care anyway)
I didn’t investigate my suspicion of an affair, because I didn’t want my daughter to experience that crap at such an impressionable age. ALL of my actions of trying to protect and get along, did no good. If anything, they thought that I was weak, and made it worse. PLEASE…It takes a certain type of person to treat another human the way we have been treated…they will not respond the way we would.



Just wanted to let you know yes be very agressive and leave your heart out of it easier said than done I know . what you have to do is treat it as you would a business and do what is best for you.Also the recording the phone call is not leagal unless you state your recording i believe .before you do anything check to make sure if it is leagal ancan help you. good luck to you all

Emotional Blackmail…mine has tried that too,however the first time i let him know it would not work was the last time he tried,I think he did some of the things knowing he could get a reation,when a reaction does not come then usually it quits.Also here in the state of NC uncurable insanity is a reason to get divorsed,i hues i could say he tried to drive me isane??


I want to know what kind of evidence it takes to prove my ex-husband is using emotional blackmail on me. I can’t take any more abuse!