Duties of custodial parent?

What are considered to be the jobs of the custodial parent involving a child and noncustodial parent? What obligations does the custodial parent have as far as visitation with the custodial parent? Shoould the custodial parent encourage the child to abide by court ordered visitation or maintian the attitude of not forcing the child to go if she doesn’t want to?

It is in the best interest of everyone if the court orders/agreements are followed. Custodial or non-custodial…parents have the right to see the children. Both parents are in the child’s life. Some other words need to be used instead of “custodial” and “non-custodial”. Children should never be in anyone’s “custody”. Primary caregiver is better, but I don’t like that either. Anyway, allow “visitation” (another “kooky” term). If the parent doesn’t want “visitation”, then you don’t have to “allow” it. Otherwise, stick to the schedule.

Okay should Mom (who child lives with) encourage daughter to see Dad? Court order say Dad has a right to 3 weeks each summer but daughter (teenager) says she is just too busy to see Dad. What should Mom do in this situation? Should she let daughter do what she wants to do or go along with Dad enforcing court orders that are in the best interest of the child?

Since you have court orders the orders are in full force and effect until a change in the custody schedule is made. If the mother is refusing to follow the court order, the mother is in contempt of court. Yes, parents should encourage the children to maintain the schedule, but not every divorced parent does this. Children should not get to make the decisions, but sometimes a judge will honor the wishes of an older child. In some cases, a thirteen year old can make the decision of where and with which parent he/she wants to live. Is it right? No, but it happens. But, in your case, until the orders are changed, you have every right to see your daughter according to the orders that are in place at this time.