Economic Stimulus Going to Wrong Parent

-is your alternating every other year an agreement that is in writing?
-have you signed the appropriate IRS documents that allow your husband to claim the child this year?

Yes it is in our agreement and I sign a form for the IRS every other year to allow him to claim her.

If you signed the form and it is in your agreement then I don’t think you have much of a leg to stand on.

It may comfort you to know that the economic stimulus is not actually free money. It’s a loan against a new credit on next year’s taxes.

This means that next year, when it’s your turn to claim your daughter, you will have your usual refund plus the new credit, and he will have his usual taxes for the years when he doesn’t claim your daughter, and they will then factor in what his new credit amount would have been had he not received the stimulus package, and subtract from that credit amount what they’ve already paid out in the stimulus.

Essentially, you are not losing money just because he gets the stimulus – you’ll get your credit next year, and he will not.

If he claimed her this year, legally he is entitled to the refunds and is not doing anything wrong by receiving the money.

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My ex and I alternate who gets to claim my daughter on taxes each year. I have sole custody of her and she lives with me 365 days a year. Since he claimed her on his taxes this year he will get the $300 stimulus payment for her. I heard that since she does not live with him for at least 6 months of the year, he is not entitled to the money and that I can contact the IRS and have the payment taken from him and rewritten to me. All I have to do is prove she lives with me and not him. Is this true? I am sure I am not the only person who is in this situation and would like to know what to do. Thanks for your help!