Egregious Child Support Amount

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My child support amount for 4 children that I have 50% of the time is coming out to about $5k/month. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong.

I make ~$235k/year (very new salary)
She makes just over $100k/year (this is double her old salary as of early this year)

We have a nanny that I pay $16/hr for 40hrs/week. She’s requested an adjustment to $20/hr. I also pay $250/month for the kids healthcare premiums and approx. $500/month for extracurriculars.

Maybe I’m just griping, but I am curious why this is set this way. She makes double the state median income, I have the kids half the time, and I’m still paying her (more so the nanny) ~$60k year total? Once I’m in a single tax bracket, I’m pretty sure that means she’ll be making more money than me despite me having a much more demanding job.

Are you both sharing the nanny equally between your two homes? How have you agreed to pay for the nanny? Is the nanny used for childcare outside of work hours?

Work-related childcare does not have to be included in the child support worksheet. It can be paid outside of the monthly child support obligation. This would particularly be the case if either of you are using the nanny for childcare other that work-related care. You and your wife would agree to each pay the nanny a percentage (50/50 or a percentage that is equal to the percentage of your combined monthly gross income).

Extracurricular activities expenses are not included in the child support worksheet. These are NOT extraordinary expenses.

Extracurricular activities are paid by an agreed-on percentage which is almost always 50/50, and the extracurricular activities must be mutually agreed upon in advance.

Using Worksheet B for joint physical custody and excluding the nanny expenses, your child support obligation would be $1,286.56/month based on the information you provided.

These are the numbers I used to input into the Worksheet:
4 children
$8,333.33 income for her
$19,583.33 income for you
730 overnights for both of you (365 days in the year x 4 children, divided equally between both parents)
$250 health insurance premium cost for you

Using Worksheet B for joint physical custody and including the nanny expenses at $20/hour for 40 hours a week, your child support obligation would be $251.73/month based on the information you provided. The $251.73 is assuming that 100% of the nanny’s care and cost is for work-related childcare and that you are paying 100% of that care.

In addition to the same numbers as above in Worksheet B, I also included $3,466.67 to you for work-related childcare ($20/hour x 40 hours/week x 52 weeks/year / 12 months).

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