Eligibility for Governmental Programs

Man, you have too many issues for one little message board! Go to your county’s DSS office and ask them about these things. It sounds to me like neither of you will be in any shape to support yourselves to any measurable satisfaction, so, since you’re only contemplating seperation, maybe contemplate staying together too?

I am contemplating seperation from my wife of almost 3 years. Right now I am injured, but still able to work light duty at my employment. My income is decreased approximately $1000/month. My wife currently does not work and we have 2 children. If I seperate, will either of us be eligible for some type of support (i.e. food stamps, etc) from the state. I also have the question of since I live on the border of NC and we do seperate, do I have to continue to live in NC or can I have a residence in SC. Also, one of the things I have thought about was letting her parents move into the house while we are seperated and possibly divorcing. If I have them contribute to the house (i.e. rent, utilities), does that ease my financial responsibility and if she is eligible at that point for some type of assistance, can that change her eligibility. With my current income, we do recive WIC for both children also.