Advice on a couple of issues


I have been married 27 years and my husband is the higher breadwinner in the home. I have been a provider in the home also while raising a child whom is 18 now. During that time I have to always take the lesser job due to someone having the responsibility role of our sons needs. I was displaced about a year and half ago, now collecting unemployment. Since the layoff I had attended a community college to pursue medical administrative work, which was a career change. I am having a difficult time in seeking full time work but still not giving up. I am so confused as to how this plays out far as alimony. I am currently seeking work at a temporary agency. But the work is so unpredictable. My husband and I have retirement assets and well as great individual credit, which is a good thing. Both of us still share the family home do to economy. Mr. Rosen you also stated in your video that there are counselors or groups available. I am located in Matthews, NC. I would love to attend one, but I am financially strapped any advice? I sure can use the emotional strength to get me stronger for this up coming event.

Thank you for your site, It gives me strength through this difficult matter.


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