Money/place to live


Hi all. I am thinking of getting a divorce/seperation from my wife. We have two children 12 and 15. My wife has not worked in over 15 years. She has always stayed home with the children. I make enough money to pay the bills, but there isn’t much left over. I would like to keep them in the house until the children are grown. Good news is I have no debt other than my house, bad news is I have no credit due to a bankruptcy 2 years ago. I would be willing to move out if I could afford it. I live in southern wake cnty and would like to stay in the area. Does anyone have any advice. Thanks


She needs to get a job. There is no way you are going to be able to keep up two places to live and support her. However, if she gets a job there might be money in the equation for you to get a room in the run down part of town.


In my experience it is very difficult to persuade someone to go back out into the workforce. What would be her incentive? I don’t see how you can keep the house. I would sell it and get separate apartments.