Emotional abuse and do children have a choice

Do children who are 14 and older have a choice if they would like to see or not see a parent that has been emotionally abusive to them? I am having to pretty much force them to see him with me being present at a restaurant…due to my lawyers request. They do NOT want to see him and are uncomfortable and upset after seeing him. I am trying to encourage them to see him at least with supervised visits…but at what age and point do they have a right not to have to see him? They are willing to speak with the judge if needed and my son even mentioned he would run away before having to stay with his dad. What should I do? They have seen their dad almost once a week with me being present for about 30 minutes per the lawyers request and don’t even like that.

Children do not have the choice as to whether or not they will visit with a parent until they are 18, however a judge will listed to what children have to say and include the children’s stance in their decision making process, usually giving greater weight to what the children have to say the older and more mature they are.