Emotional abuse/ financial abuse

Logan I feel for you I know what you are going through .I just came from trying to pick up my kids for visatation.They said they did not want to come.My X wife has turned them aginst me.I am a man but I will confess I cried all the way home.Mental abuse is far worse than anything ,I wish someone would tell me what I need to prove it.I allready filed bankrupt also .That is hard enough.I cant afford a lawyer either and she keeps hounding me about stuff I have nothing to do with.

Dear logan58 & evercoat:

Greetings. Yes, the courts can help you. If you have an order, you can sue him for contempt…in Wake County the forms are on line and you can do this yourself (it is called a Motion to Show Cause). If you have an agreement, you may want to sue him for breach of contract for custody/support.

Finally, if the abuse is significant, you may want to speak with Interact and look into whether your situation qualifies under the Domestic Violence statutes. Best of luck.

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is either of these recognized in the state of north carolina? i have been divorced for almost 3 and a half years, and my ex (who has since re-married) continues to abuse me both financialy and emotionally, and has now begun to bring the children into it–which leaves them very uncomfortable. i am trying to file ch. 7 bankruptcy (don’t have quite enough $ saved up yet to afford the filing fee),but i’m about at the end of my rope.help!!!