End of rope


Come on no_more, keep your chin up!

If she was destitute and desparate, would she try to get a job?

Sink or swim?


I completerly know how you feel. I have stayed in a relationship that is destined to end for poor reasons, fear, money, etc. I have finally gotten the courage to end the relationship even though things are going to be really hard. My advice, make a decision and give it every thing. No matter what outside circumstances are being thrown at you, give the decision 100% and don’t back down. YOU are too important to be unhappy. Is there any thing that can be done for the bipolar, meds aren’t working? Any hospitalization? Is something really wrong or is she using that as a crutch to keep you?


I think you have figured it out. [:o)]

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My wife has bi-polar disorder. I do not think the meds are working as well anymore. We have been married for 13 years. She has not worked for any measurable length of time. I have worked my sefl up in my career as a public servant. Over the years I have paid for my wife’s legimate medical expenses, which has been and is considerable and to date keep our budget very very tight. She balmes me for loosing our house, but in fact I did all I could wih creative financing to stay in it. It was not enough. We now live in a Townhouse, which is nice, but the budget is still very tight. I try to get her to find work, but her self esteem is so low she will not even try. She is now accusing me of having an affair. This is not true and it hurts. I am out of money, and barely keeping afloat. It is a mater of time now ( just a few months) before I will not be able to keep up with all the bills. I want to leave, I know now I stayed much to long, but I do love her. With all the bills and such, I am not sure I can afford another set of living expenses. I know from reading in here that my wife would be a dependent spouse and would be entitled to some alimony. At this point I could not affrod $50.00 a month. I just do not know what to do, but I have to do something. Any descent suggestion would be most appreciative.