Ex moved..won't give address to pick-up child


Did your EX buy the home? Is she in NC? Do you know the name of the city?

I ask these questions because you can find SOOOO much information, especially in Mecklenburg Cnty and I would think other counties, by using the Internet. Charlotte (Mecklenburg County) has a Polaris systme that you can look up addresses just by a name if they are home owners. I am not sure if the search allows you to go outside of Mecklenburg county, but it is worth a shot. Purchasing a house is public record or the deed is I believe, so if you can’t find it on the link below call or visit the local court house to see what information is on file.

maps2.co.mecklenburg.nc.us/websi … viewer.htm

Good Luck


So where are you picking your son up.


My ex-wife has moved to another town, and won’t give me the address of her new home so i can pick-up my 14 yr. old son. We have joint custody of our son, “with reasonable, and liberal visitation agreed upon by both parties”. Is it legal for her to conceal the physical address of my son from me, and instruct him,(my son), not to tell me?