Ex Parte order to take daughter out of state?

Already have a detailed custody arrangement in place (joint custody, ex is “primary” caregiver), ex broke her foot and wants to take daughter out of state to New York (for a few weeks) so her mother and sister can care for child while ex “recuperates” - refuses to let father care for his own child in daughter’s accustomed environment (will not allow his family & loved ones to care for daughter), refuses to come to terms with father’s request to make up specific days in exchange for her taking daughter to New York, filed ex parte motion few days ago & refused to tell father anything other than “if you refuse, this is going to only cost you money” - he got the paperwork today, now what? the ex is being absolutely ridiculous & continually plays games & tries to exert her control over every aspect she can! HELP!

You will need to attend the noticed hearing to argue your case, and demonstrate that her planned trip will interfere with your outlined custody agreement.