How can I Prevent my Ex from Moving out of State?


My Ex wife is intending to move herself and my 16 year old daughter to a different state. I would like to prevent this at I dont see it serving my child’s best interests, and she has no good reason to move (i.e. job reasons). She simpley intends to be a stay at home mom, but do it in a differnent state. He new husband works outside the US.

I’d like to hangle this my self, if at all possible. How do I get a restraining order to keep her in the state (her expected move date is 12 days away) and how should I proceed after that?




Do you have a current custody order or separation agreement dealing with child custody?


No custody order.

We have a self-drafted separtion agreement, but it hasn’t been seen or approved by a judge, just signed and notorized.


You may file an action for child custody in order to fight to keep your daughter here, however given her age if she wants to go with her mother, a judge will likely allow her to leave.


OK, say my Ex and our youngest daughter (16) move out of state, uncontested. Myself and our oldest daughter (18) live here.

Do I have any leverage on my Ex for travel expenses?

Bear in mind, she didn’t even intend for me to know they were going go move out of state.


I’m sorry, I missed the part about you having an agreement in place. You can file a breach of contract to attempt to get her to stay here, and use the suit as leverage to negotiate for travel expenses if her move will alter your usual visitation.