Ex Stopped paying everything!

My ex-husband has stopped paying everything. He was under a court order to pay child support, alimony and health insurance. He has stopped. He already owes 3 months in back support, which he has no intention on ever paying. He has also stopped making payments on commercial property and is bankrupting his company on purpose. He always said he would financially ruin me. Our court date is not for several months. I am unable to financially carry our mortgage, etc… What are the reprecussions for his actions? I always follow the rules- did in our marriage and still do in my life. It seems that my children and I are getting royally screwed- as usual, by him.
Can the courts order his percentage of the equity be held in escrow? Can they let him out of his financial obligation?

You must file a motion to have him held in contempt of the court order. The judge will determine the repercussions of his actions, and may even order him to go to jail until he makes good on the payments he owes you.