Ex Threatening Custody Due to Living Arrangments


I have been legally separated for 6 years. My ex and I have filed separation papers that list custody, visitation, etc. They do not mention limiting our son’s exposure to each other’s new significant others.

I have been engaged and lived with my fiance for a long time (5 1/2 years). My ex has gone through 3 live in girlfriends.

My ex is currently afraid that he is going to be put in jail because he is behind in his child support. He is now threatening me by saying that it is illegal for my fiance and I to live together and that if I won’t agree for him to lower his child support that he is going to sue me for custody.

Can he do this?


Record him! keep it and if he carries through with suing for custody play it for the judge and his motives will be shown. And no you do not have to tell him you are taping.


He can sue you for custody, but based on the facts you list, his attempt to gain primary custody will not be successful.