Ex who won't follow custody order


We have a TPA in place. Week on week off with each parent. My soon to be ex totally disregards the order and will pick up our son after school and hold him hostage. He will do this and take our son somewhere he wants our son to go during my time. This has happened on about 4 occations. I have taken him to court over this once and the judge didn’t do anything. I have called the police every time and shown them the court order and they just tell me that they don’t really get involved in domestic situations and don’t force my ex to give back my child even though I have an order that says he is supposed to be with me on that give day/week. I’m at a loss. If the police don’t intervene, then what am I to do. Spend more money to get a court date months down the road only to have the judge not punish my ex. Are there any alternatives of what I can do when my ex “takes my child” during my time?


File a motion to show cause for violation of the court order.


Now you know how guys feel when the ex-wives don’t honor visitation. It is a shame the feds spend $10 million on visitation problems and $3.9 Billion on getting child support.