Voilating custody order

If the order is being violated, then you’ll have to take it to the court, I believe.

Is the tardiness extreme?? Or is it a few minutes or and hour at most? If it’s not extreme, I would allow some latitude and not make a huge deal about it unless you have already planned something with the kids that required them to be home at a specified time. My ex habitually brought the kids home about 30 minutes past to ‘posted time’ and I just blew it off. No big deal as long they let me know they’re running late. I don’t think he did it intentionally.

usually the order needs to state that law enforcement can get involved to enforce order. If it happens habitually, keep a record of it, you would need to take it back to court.

What do you do if you have the parent with visitation rights not returning the children at the time stated on the court order? When I called Law inforcement, I was told the court order have to state Law enforcement can get involved.