Ex-wife spending eduacational funds

part of our division of marital property involved college funds for our only daughter we accumulated during 20 year marriage. there was over 12000 dollars in these funds at time of court ordered division. In these papers, Item C…clause 4 states that “both parties shall insure that the American Century fund and any other fund with Daughters name on it be used for Daughters educational expenses”.

During our marriage i made my ex-wife the “custodian” for these accounts, and this has remained in effect. One account was closed by American century, and a check for 6800.00 was written out to my ex-wife. With her financial troubles i believe she has spent this money. I have tried ammicably to talk about these funds, but the ex-wife will not fully disclose. My daughter is now a junior in high school and begining to face many charges for educational expenses…SAT fees, application fees, stc.

How can I…

  1. view these funds and their appreciation…or if they are even still there? my ex is still “custodian”
  2. recover these funds if they are not there and has been spent wholly or partially by my ex-wife.

Thanks for any advise…especially if one can guide me on how to do this without having to face attorney’s expenses. It seems like contempt of court on her part to refuse to let me know where these monies are.