Ex will not comply with visitation


It sounds like you already tried talking to your child’s dad about intervening and helping resolve the visitation problem. I would try to get your ex on-board with the importance of your son’s participation in the family wedding. If he refuses to assist, I really would not involve the police at this point. The problems with visitation and your ex’s and son’s cooperation will certainly be further strained if he is forced to return to finish visitation.

A more long-term perspective may be helpful. If you are inclined to file a motion, you might consider requesting the court to appoint a parent coordinator. PC’s can be helpful to parties when visitation problems occur or other co-parenting problems arise. This would provide a more efficient path to addressing difficulties in co-parenting/custody issues. Instead of having to file a motion in court, you could obtain more timely intervention and resolution by contacting a PC. Hope this helps.

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I live 1.7 miles from my ex. This weekend during visitation my 12 yr old got in trouble at my home…he slipped out of the house and walked to my ex’s, now my ex will not bring my son back to finish his visitation…should I call police or do I just have to wait for Monday and file a motion about it. We have a family wedding on Sunday, son is supposed to be a part. Thank You.