Exchanging information

Our order requires that we keep each other informed of the results and details of appointments.

I have had a problem with my x taking our child to the doctor then she will send emails with information about what the doctor said that is simply not true. It seems to be what she wanted him to say leaning towards the outcome she wants.

I have also had problems with my x submitting false information to our childs doctor as well. Like the emails she sends me, rather than real facts about real procedures or test results, they seem to be what she wanted the other providers to say in order to get the results from the current doctor she wants.

All of this is documented and easily proven.

How in the world can you address this in court?

You would file a motion for contempt, alleging that she is not keeping you properly informed of what is really going on with the child.

I communicate directly with my child’s doctor and teacher.

I had one school ask something and all I had to say was we were divorced. They understood and gave me the information.

I’ve never had to ask things like , “Where do I fax a copy of the separation agreement” or “Could I tell my attorney the address to send the subpoena?”


Either you did not understand the nature of my problem or you posted this answer to the wrong question.

I constantly have to and do contact the doctors teachers etc to get valid information. This is why I know my x is sending me inaccurate information. The issue is with privialge comes responsibility. Her responsibility is to provide timely and accurate information about the appointments, results etc.

Agreed, your recourse is to file a motion for contempt.